Hoo Boy, Second Post

So who the hell knows where this blog will go, but here comes my weeks later second post with the announcement that:

I finished the first draft of my first screenplay last night/this morning at 2:40am est.

Fade out.

I will also admit to having a wisp of feeling for finishing the whole nut from beginning, middle, to end. And, yes, of course far from finished, but working through a story idea to its conclusion–no matter how rough–is, indeed, cool.

I draw inspiration from Tim Albaugh and the folks at UCLA, from my sneak visits into the bloggers I frequent, and from THE incomparable dumbass Steven B, who is cranking out his own gem. When you’re writing at 2am and the snowflakes are falling outside, the inspired connection needs to come from somewhere.

OK, so now these pages get torn and scrutinized by the group Monday night and then it sits for a couple of days. Then I guess it’s as good a time as any to go back to page 1 and start working through the bug again….


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Beginning here…

My impressions so far in trying to write a first full-length screenplay:

Over the last few weeks I have been helping my son construct a gigantic lego Star Wars craft of some kind (you’ll have to ask him the details). The pieces are strewn all over his bedroom floor, and in the course of going to the bathroom at night and simple day-to-day activities some of the pieces collect in odd corners of the house.

Eventually, as we painstakingly work our way through the directions, we find the pieces required for the next step in building (or something close that will work) and plug the miniscule plastic bits into their appropriate spots.

It’s a slow, grueling process, and I’m sure you see where I’m going with this.

However, screenwriting is not exactly like building an enormous fictional flying machine. It’s close, but in screenwriting the little plastic bits are not simply somewhere on the floor or under a pile of dirty pajamas an arm’s length away.

In screenwriting the plastic bits are somewhere in town. They could be on the floor next to you, or they could be out back by the dumpster at the deli down the street.

For the sake of time and sanity you can substitute plastic bits that are close to being right, sure, but eventually you’re going to have to dismantle that sloppy machine you threw together and find the precise, right bits.

Even then, I bet, there’s no guarantee it will fly…

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